Congrats Brandy & Piper!

Added on April 1, 2018

Please join us in giving a big shout out to our ladies Brandy and Piper, as they are our April pups of the month! These sweet sisters have personalities that are very different yet they get along like two peas in a pod. Lovely Ms. Brandy is a twelve year old Boston Terrier with soulful eyes and the gentlest disposition. Her sister Piper is a two and a half year old Golden Retriever who is as lively and playful as they come. Brandy enjoys joining us for our Mature Mondays, where she gets to mingle and catch up on “what’s up at Central Bark” with all the old timers. Some of her favorite buddies include McGee, Brownie, Zoe, and Holly. The low key energy of the mature group suits Brandy and her friends to a T. Ms. Piper on the other hand, joins us for daycare two times a week to catch up with her group of friends and exert some energy. Piper is a very happy young lady and is known as one of our ‘universal’ dogs, which means her personality works in just about any playgroup. Some days she’s feeling quite energetic and wants to hang with the puppies, teaching them proper play styles, other times she is feeling mellow and prefers to hang out in our lower energy groups. She has so many friends that we can’t name them all, but some of her favorites include Ivy, Delta, Lacy, Connelly, Lily H., and Taz. Both Brandy and Piper are social butterflies and we absolutely adore having them in our program! Thank you, Jamie and Phil for sharing these amazing ladies with us on a weekly basis so consistently over these past couple years. Congratulations ladies, enjoy the love-light !

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