Congrats Aria!

Added on February 1, 2019

She smells of sun, flowers, and fresh morning dew; we love our girl Aria and so will you! February is the month of love, and as this girl has so much love to give, is it only right that we crown her as our February Dog of the Month! Aria is a wonderful eleven year old Brittney Spaniel, who comes to daycare along with her younger brother Mikey. She is a princess among pups, with a gentle demeanor and dazzlingly bright eyes full of warmth and love. Aria always enters our building with a spring in her step and a smile that can clear away even the darkest of clouds. When she enters her playgroup everyone is waiting to greet her and get her caught up on the latest at Central Bark Mequon. Her many friends include, but are not limited to; Bogey S., Daisy B., Nashville L., Scout S., and Cassie. Once caught up on the daily news of daycare Aria enjoys a good romp with her some of her pals, followed by a healthy dose of ear rubs from our staff. She sets an amazing example for the dogs, and is happy to play the role of big sis, in showing the ropes to some of our more shy pups as they get into the routine of daycare. Her gentleness knows no limits and we love her for it. We are thankful for the many years her parents have shared her with us. You are absolutely incredible Aria and we want everyone to know it! Congratulations!

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