Congrats Wallace!

“Regardless of the age of a dog, they remain our babies to the end of time.” Yes, this statement truly hits the heart of it. Dogs are such beautiful, amazing souls. They capture our hearts as soon as we lay eyes on them and the love we share with them only continues to grow with age. Our September Dog of the Month, Wallace, and his family would surely agree with the above statements. Age is just a number. This handsome fellow is thirteen years young and continues to enjoy games of tag, among others, with his friends. Wallace loves hanging out with the mature crowd on his regular Monday visits. Some of his favorite friends and longest standing friendships over the years, include Bauer, Pepper, Reggie, and Scout. Wallace is also very invested in his overall physical appearance, so he is thrilled when he has a Spa Day with us. He has said that he looks forward to bath and hair cut days. During those appointments he gets extra one on one time where he is showered with snuggles, leaves the Salon feeling clean and fresh, and then gets to go back out with his friends and show off his new ‘do.’ He’s so not vain, just a confident handsome boy, who knows he’s got the looks. We love and adore you Wallace and it has been wonderful getting to know and care for you throughout these many years. You are one of a kind amazing! September is your month to show off just how brightly you can shine!


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