Congrats Toby!

“Some call me a Senior dog, that just means I have years of experience in the fine art of Friendship.” What a sweet and so very true statement. Toby, our January Dog of the Month and his family would surely agree! Toby is a distinguished and well-mannered Yorkipoo that is 10 years young! To say that this guy has a heart of pure gold, is an understatement. He is simply the sweetest and is beloved by every pup and staff member who meets him. From the moment he enters our doors, this boy lights up the place. His happy prance and bright smiling eyes invite you to join him in many fun activities. Toby really enjoys mingling with some younger kiddos, getting in on short games of tag, or taking leisurely strolls and catching up with old pals. Some of his favorite friends include, but are not limited to, Luna D., Gus L, Macy, and Bella W. You are absolutely amazing Toby and we want everyone to know it! Thanks for being such a super star and setting the bar for all the youngsters joining our enrichment day care program. Enjoy your month in the spotlight Toby!