Added on May 7, 2019

Say hello to our sweet & sometimes sassy Sasha girl! This pretty girl is one of our VIPs here at Central Bark and she lets it be known that she is in fact, a very important person! Sasha spends her days romping and stomping with pals, soaking up the sunshine (or the rain), and making sure everyone is having a good time. Sasha is very versatile and can acclimate herself to any situation, from playing with the smaller puppies to getting rough and tough with the big dogs. We affectionately refer to her as one of our “Playground Police Dogs” because she makes sure everyone respects the handlers and her own authority. Sasha is extremely smart knowing all of her commands and is always ready to work! Every day she’s here she brings a smile to all of our faces. Congratulations on being our May Dog of the Month Sasha girl!