Added on June 11, 2019

Give our sweet girl Gala a round of applause! Gala is our bi-lingual Dalmatian here at Central Bark. She comes from sunny & warm Costa Rica so naturally, she is a real beach babe once summer rolls around! You can usually find her basking in the sun and staying cool by the misters outside. However, don’t be fooled by her calm exterior, she can really get the party started, especially when the boys are around! When Gala isn’t soaking up the sunshine she is rallying up the young boys to wrestle and romp around with! She is well known for being a bit of a “cougar” here. Gala loves to give kisses or “besitos” to all of her boyfriends! She is such a sweetheart and she brightens even the gloomiest of days when she is around! Congratulations on being our June Dog of the Month Gala!