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June 11, 2019

Give our sweet girl Gala a round of applause! Gala is our bi-lingual Dalmatian here at Central Bark. She comes from sunny & warm Costa Rica so naturally, she is a real beach babe once summer rolls around! You can usually find her basking in the sun and staying cool by the misters outside. However, […]


May 7, 2019

Say hello to our sweet & sometimes sassy Sasha girl! This pretty girl is one of our VIPs here at Central Bark and she lets it be known that she is in fact, a very important person! Sasha spends her days romping and stomping with pals, soaking up the sunshine (or the rain), and making […]


April 3, 2019

Congratulations to Copper, our Golden boy here at Manitowoc. Whether he is impersonating a certain “beans” commercial dog, or out lasting the competition like a certain battery, it’s never dull when Copper comes to visit! Wet and wild is his mantra and lifestyle regardless of season and he can always be found splashing around the […]


March 1, 2019

Everybody give Javier the Havanese a congratulatory BARK for being our dog of the month! Take one look into his dreamy eyes and you will just melt. Whether he is doing a dance or pawing at your legs, he knows how to get what he wants from all of his two and four legged friends! […]


October 2, 2018

Say hello to Huey, our October dog of the month! Huey has many friends here at Central Bark and loves them all, two and four legged! You can always find him wrestling, playing tag or telling the handler stories about how good of a boy he is. (He often says he’s better behaved than his […]