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Molly & Theodore

November 1, 2019

We are SO thankful for these two twin Shih-tzus this fall season! This dynamic duo has been coming to Central Bark Manitowoc for quite a few years now. They are 9 year old litter-mates and they are very similar, but they definitely take on their own personalities out on the playground. We all know when […]

Nosey Rosey

October 1, 2019

A big round of applause to Rosey, or as Mom likes to call her- Nosey Rosey- for being our October Dog of the Month! This Bernedoodle is a regular party animal and can always get the party pumping when she arrives. She loves to get wet and wild in the pools but as colder weather […]


August 14, 2019

Let’s give Mr. Mikko a round of applause for being our August Dog of the Month! This little fluff ball is a Coton De Tulear! He is an incredible little guy. Mikko has been part of the pack here at Central Bark Manitowoc for about a year now. Most days you can spot him running […]


July 10, 2019

Let’s hear it for Lacy for being our July Dog of The Month! Lacy is a spry young German Shepherd/Husky mix and she surely has the best of both worlds. She is very adventurous and likes to spend a lot of time investigating- sniffing out new friends to play with; you can find her using […]


June 11, 2019

Give our sweet girl Gala a round of applause! Gala is our bi-lingual Dalmatian here at Central Bark. She comes from sunny & warm Costa Rica so naturally, she is a real beach babe once summer rolls around! You can usually find her basking in the sun and staying cool by the misters outside. However, […]