Play. It’s what we do!

At Central Bark®, we believe that play and exercise are an important part of every dog’s life. That’s why our Stay-n-Play program includes plenty of individual playtime & activities with every overnight stay – at no extra cost! And at night, you too can rest easy knowing your dog is sleeping comfortably after a long day of play, exercise, and TLC!

Our Stay-n-Play program creates a fun, playful atmosphere to make sure your dog gets the attention he needs to reduce the stress and separation anxieties associated with traditional dog boarding settings.

(per night & includes day care)
(per night)
Weekend/Holiday Drop-off/Pick-up
Pick up/drop off times: 9:00–9:30am and 6:00pm – 6:30pm.
By appointment only. 

Day Care enrollment is required for Sleepovers but not required for Stay-n-Play. 

What to Bring for Stay-n-Play