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Where your dog can sleepover in a comfortable, loving, and familiar place, so you can both feel more relaxed while you are away.  Our sleepover program isn’t like other dog kennels or dog boarding; that is why we are known as the “Un-Kennel.” A full day of doggy day care is complimentary with your dog’s sleepover stay. To schedule a sleepover, dogs must be currently enrolled in our doggy day care program.


Stay-n-Play offers sleepovers to dogs not enrolled in our day care program. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own areas to help keep all our furry friends safe and comfortable. We create an environment where each overnight guest can get a restful night’s sleep followed by a day of play, exercise and plenty of TLC from our staff. For frequent or long-term stays, we highly suggest you consider becoming a regular day care client so your dog can benefit from our Enrichment Day Care activities and the personal relationship they develop with our staff.

24 hour stay including doggy day care
24 hour stay including individual play and attention.
This sleepover service is for dogs not enrolled in our day care program
Luxury Den $47
VIP Sleepover $12
Late Fee $1/minute
Early Drop Off Fee $5
Weekend/Holiday Drop off/Pick Up Fee