Race To V.I.P.

Added on May 26, 2009

To Kick Start the new Rufferal Program we are offering a Race to V.I.P! Once we get 8 Rufferal’s together we will draw one name at the end of that month. The winner will then get the next month Free as V.I.P! Your Rufferal will count in the race once they pay for three days of day care. For each Rufferal you get you will still be awarded one free day of day care for your dog after the new enrollment pays and passes our behavior assessment and first day. (Must be three days paid to count as a race entry) The sooner you get your friends and family in, the sooner we can add your name to the possibility of a whole month of FREE day care! Oh let’s not forget the 20% off retail and the FREE bath your pooch is going to get! Barkley wishes everyone good luck and may the best pooch win. V.I.P.

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