Lilah from Central Bark Madison Southest, WI is June’s Top Dog

Added on June 6, 2011

Central Bark Doggy Day Care of Madison Southest, WI is happy to present Lilah, June’s Top Dog of the month. Central Bark provided some comments from Lilah’s parents. Lilah’s mom was the lucky parent to take the phone call for her winning Top Dog of the month!  Within our conversation I relayed to her that she had won this great award and her first response  was…

Julia:  "That’s Awesome!"

CB: I know right?   We were just as surprised by it as you are!  So, what makes Lilah so special?

Julia:  “Well, she is the biggest couch potato ever!  It’s like she just gets into chill mode as soon as she gets home.”

CB:  Describe to me your most memorable moment with Lilah?

Julia:  Well without a doubt it has to be the day we picked her out.  We took the family over and she didn’t even have her eyes open yet and in this group of puppies there laid the cutest little grey pup with this  dark strip right down her head.  It was love at first sight!

CB:  When I asked Julia if she knew about what the prize was for winning, this was her response back.

Julia:  Oh my!  Guess I will have to start playing poker.  She totally earned it, you know with all that sleeping in her day!

CB:  Julia what would you like to say to all the Lilah fans out there?

Julia:  Well, it never matters what breed of dog you have, they will love you no matter what, and the more you put in, they will always give back so much more!   That’s the Lilah way of life.

CB:  Julia what would you say her primary breed would be, and tell the readers a little more about the real lazy gal that makes Lilah the dog we all know and love.

Julia:  Well, not knowing the parents for sure we would have to say that she looks to us like a U.K. “Lurcher” breed.  But I’m sure that she’s got some shepherd in there somewhere.  Her favorite toys would most likely be the cats!  She is always keeping them in line.  But just between us, I think she has a thing for one of them.

CB:  Sounds like she is breaking a few dog / cat rules?

Julia:  Yeah!  That’s our Lilah.  But don’t get me wrong here, she does play a big part in our family, she makes sure that the kids get up every morning.   And she is always willing to pick up any pizza bones that hit the floor.

Well Julia I think that we have covered just about everything, so from the staff here at Central Bark, we all love her very much, and enjoy every day we have with her!  Congratulations again from all of us!

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