Congratulations Jason!

Added on July 1, 2019

Meet our July Dog of the Month — Jason! An (almost) 3 year old, German Shepherd Mix and one our Barkley Pack VIP dogs. Jason attends daycare every day we are open and in the few times he’s stayed at home with Mom and Dad — our days at Central Bark just haven’t been the same. Jason is full of love and curiosity. He loves to wrestle play with big dogs and look over and protect the littles. He welcomes and greets every dog and human with a wagging tail and kisses and walks around the place like it’s his own home. Jason has made several friends at Central Bark — with Toby, Maddux, Ed, Charlie and Ally being his bestest (dog) friends. And when it comes to humans? It’s NO secret that he is 100% in love and completely smitten with our Canine Care Supervisor — Miss Kenzie. A not-so-secret crush that his parents were quick to point out just weeks after he first started at Central Bark. Thank you, Jason, for brightening our days and reminding us to always have fun, be goofy, love lots, and stay curious. We love you so much, Bubby! Congratulations!