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December 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

What better gift for the holidays than to unwrap a pup?!? The holidays are approaching, and our gift to you all is River, December’s dog of the month! With the holidays approaching, he is gearing up for some caroling! He loves greeting us with some happy howls, but his most favorite thing is eating all […]


November 3, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

It’s fall time and lil’ Louie likes nothing more than picking apples, well except still trying to sneak in the pool that is! Louie has been with us, here at Central Bark, since he was a cute lil’ baby pupper! He loves it here; his home away from home! His besties are Koa, Wriggley, Linus, […]


October 2, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Trick or Treat smell my rear, give me something good to eat, like a pig ear! October brings to you Sasha, our dog of the month! Sasha is a beautiful 3 ½ year old German Shepherd, who graces us with her presents 5 days a week. She enjoys playing in the pools, with the hose, […]


September 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

As the sun sets into September, we introduce our sweet boy Bentley! We’ve had the awesome pleasure of watching Bentley grow up and make tons of friends. He loves his pals; River, Otis, and Roscoe! Bentley enjoys gallivanting around the yard and streaking through the pools. Bubbles are never safe in the dog house! We’ve […]


August 1, 2018 :: Posted by Jonie I

Who needs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson from Baywatch, when we have Jack Johnson keeping everyone safe! Jack is a 2 ½ year old Golden Retriever. He comes to day care several days a week. He’s a very popular guy around here. Jack loves the pools and playing with all his poochy friends like Jacob, Otis, […]