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The special connection we have with our furry best friends is special. That’s why we want to give them the best life possible. Yet, it can be hard to meet all their needs on our own. Families trust Central Bark to take care of their doggies.

At Central Bark Kenosha, we love dogs and provide them with the love and care they need to stay healthy, happy, and well-rounded. When you bring your dog to Central Bark Kenosha, you can feel confident knowing they’ll have a fantastic time.

Our approach, called Whole Dog Care, focuses on nurturing and enriching your dog’s overall health and well-being throughout their life. The heart of this approach is our Enrichment Dog Day Care program. We also offer services like dog boarding, baths, grooming, training, and more. Our mission is to help you and your dog enjoy the best life together.

We understand that dogs are not just pets; they are part of the family. As fellow dog parents, we take great pride in treating each and every dog as if they were our own.

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Gina L.
My Brodi loves to go the Central Bark! He can hardly wait to get in the door! They take very good care of him and are very professional. If Brodi gets dirty playing outside they even bathe him. I highly recommend this Foggy day are!.

Central Bark Whole Dog Care

Our Whole Dog Care approach provides fun and personalized services to keep your dog healthy and happy. We focus on promoting their physical, mental, and emotional well-being from the time they are young until they reach their senior years.

Enrichment Dog Day Care - Off Enrichment Dog Day Care - On Enrichment Dog Day Care

Our goal is to make your dog’s life even better with personalized and fun activities.

Grooming - Off Grooming - On Grooming

Treat your furry friend to grooming and exciting activities designed to make them really happy.

Boarding - Off Boarding - On Boarding

Give your dog a peaceful and enjoyable stay in a comfortable setting with our Dog Boarding service.

Products - Off Products - On Products

Discover our excellent selection of dog food, treats, toys, and more, all chosen to keep them healthy and happy.

Training & Enrichment - Off Training & Enrichment - On Training & Enrichment

Build a stronger connection with your dog through positive training and fun activities that teach them important skills and good behavior.

Pet Insurance - Off Pet Insurance - On Pet Insurance

Be ready for anything with customized coverage that gives you peace of mind and helps with your dog’s veterinary care.

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Why do dogs LOVE
Central Bark?

Dogs love Central Bark for many reasons:

  • It’s all about them: Each dog is unique and special. At Central Bark, we make sure to customize each day to meet their individual needs and preferences.
  • Health and happiness: We take care of their overall well-being by giving them personalized attention, keeping them active, and ensuring they get enough rest. This helps them stay healthy, happy, and well-behaved both at home and in the community.
  • Dog experts: Our staff members are trained in a science-based positive reinforcement approach, which means they understand dogs really well and know how to make them feel comfortable and happy.
  • Safety first: We prioritize the safety and well-being of all our furry guests. Our strict safety policies and cleaning procedures ensure that your dog is safe and healthy during their time with us.
  • Trusted care: For over 20 years, families have relied on Central Bark to provide the right mix of personalized attention, play, exercise, socialization, training, rest, and love to enrich their dog’s life.
  • Strengthening the bond: Spending a day at Central Bark can bring you and your dog even closer. Your dog will come home content and in good health, and you won’t have to worry about leaving them alone at home all day.

Dog Day Care. Reimagined.

At Central Bark, we’ve taken dog day care to a whole new level! We use the latest science and positive training methods to make their day awesome. Your dog will have a blast with activities that suit them, like playtime, exercises, hanging out with friends, training, and rest. It’s everything they need to stay healthy, happy, and well-rounded!

doggies in the outside playground

Flexible Playgroups

Small and large playgroup options allow us to match better your dog’s personality, needs, and preferences with the social atmosphere and amount of play they can enjoy and benefit from most.

Central Bark trainer with four brown dogs

Group Play Skills

Group Play Skills are a fun and rewarding way for dogs to practice important skills like name recall, and behaviors like group sit and calmly going in and out of doors and gates.

white doggy playing with toy

Rest Period Enrichment

Rest Period Enrichment sessions help dogs achieve a healthy balance. They can relax and recharge in their own private space with calming enrichment toys and healthy foods tailored to their preferences and diet.

Central Bark dog trainer with corgi dog

Enrichment Sessions

Personalized One-on-One Enrichment sessions give the extra attention dogs love and the freedom to use their senses and safely explore their instincts through interactive toys, puzzles, and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is dog training?

Dog training teaches a dog to perform certain behaviors, often in a variety of contexts. At Central Bark®, our training classes are based on the latest research and scientific understanding of dog behavior to enhance the bond between you and your dog.  

We use positive reward-based techniques to help puppies and dogs of all ages develop essential life skills and behaviors that will enrich their lives at home and day care. These methods set dogs up to succeed and reward them for performing desired behaviors. Rewards are tailored to the dog’s preferences and can include food treats, time to play with a favorite toy, or verbal praise. 

Learn more about our training classes.

Visit our Dog Blog for more helpful tips

What is dog boarding?

Dog boarding gives your dog a safe and comfortable place to spend the night when they can’t be home overnight. It can last for just one night or for a week or more at a time.

At Central Bark®, we offer Sleepovers to dogs enrolled in our Enrichment Day Care Program. Sleepovers at Central Bark® provide your dog a calm, relaxing sleepover in a place they can feel comfortable and loved. Because they’re in a familiar place, they can feel less stressed about being away from home (and so will you). A full day of Doggy Day Care is included with your sleepover stay.

Our Stay-n-Play program (available at participating locations) offers boarding for dogs that have not enrolled in our day care program. Each overnight guest gets a restful night’s sleep, followed by a day of play, exercise, and plenty of TLC from our staff. Stay-n-Play guests sleep and play in their own designated areas. 

Learn more about sleepovers at Central Bark.

Do you offer dog birthday parties?

Yes! We love to celebrate our dog friends’ birthdays. You can rent space in our facility to celebrate, then bring in your treats and decorations. Or you can have us plan and run your entire event. 

Contact us to schedule your dog’s party! 

How can I be sure that the play space is clean, odor & disease-free, comfortable and safe for the stated capacity of the center?

Central Bark® is licensed and inspected by the Health Department regularly. We also clean and disinfect nightly, regardless of how many dogs have visited.

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