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Join Us for Puppy Hour – Experience FREE, supervised puppy socialization classes at Central Bark® Gurnee. Not only is it loads of fun, but it’s also a critical opportunity for puppies to engage in socialization. That’s important during their “sensitive period,” which typically spans from 8 to 16 weeks of age. Socialization is the process of acclimating your dog to enjoy interactions. It also helps them feel at ease around other animals, people, places, and activities.

Feel free to bring your pup to as many puppy socialization classes as you’d like before they reach the age limit. This is your chance to meet our staff, converse with our trainer and groomer, and explore our facility. Central Bark’s mission is to nurture and enhance your dog’s life. An excellent way to set your pup on the right path is through puppy socialization!

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During this puppy socialization class, your pup will:

  • Delight in off-leash, age-matched playtime with vaccinated puppies of similar ages.
  • Benefit from attentive supervision by an experienced caregiver, ensuring that all play is safe and suitable.
  • Encounter new dogs, humans, toys, surroundings, and challenges.
  • Confront fresh and stimulating obstacles designed to foster age-appropriate socialization and exposure.


Enrolling your puppy in our Gurnee puppy socialization program represents a valuable investment in their development and overall happiness. Here are the advantages your furry friend can experience:

  • Enhanced Comfort and Confidence: By introducing your dog to new environments, we assist them in building confidence when encountering the unfamiliar, ultimately reducing anxiety.
  • Positive Emotional Growth: Early socialization nurtures your dog’s emotional well-being by establishing positive associations with fellow dogs, humans, and various stimuli.
  • Energy Release: Our program offers a secure space for puppies to expend their abundant energy through play and exploration, ensuring they remain active and content.
  • Building Social Skills: Participation in a puppy group encourages the development of vital social skills like sharing, taking turns, and understanding boundaries.
  • Robust Foundation: Our puppy program establishes a solid foundation for your dog’s future well-being, ensuring they grow into a resilient, joyful, and socially adept canine companion.

Rules & Requirements:

  • Puppies within the age range of 8–16 weeks.
  • Pre-registration is mandatory.
  • Proof of current Bordetella and DHPP vaccinations.
  • Parents and children are encouraged to join in.
  • Adherence to CDC guidelines, which include maintaining social distancing and wearing masks.
  • Employ a standard 6-foot flat leash (retractable or flexi-leads are not permitted in the lobby), and ensure your pup wears a quick-release collar. If your dog usually wears a harness, feel free to bring it along.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to potty train a puppy?

When potty training your pup, consistency is key. It’s crucial to establish a routine, practice positive reinforcement, supervise your puppy (especially when potty training), and avoiding punishing your puppy when mistakes happen. 

Potty training a puppy to eliminate outside can take just a few weeks or several months. But it will go more quickly if your training routine is consistent, and you’re consistent about taking your puppy outside every few hours. 

Central Bark® offers everything you need to help you train your puppy. We offer expert training and classes so you and your puppy can learn and bond together.  

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What is dog day care?

Dog day care gives dogs a fun place to play with their friends while their owners are busy at home and work.

At Central Bark®, doggy daycare is our specialty, and nobody does it quite like us. We don’t just give dogs a place to play. We create a personalized program of activities that optimize your dog’s whole health – their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Central Bark goes beyond a traditional doggy day care with our unique Whole Dog Care philosophy. Our personalized approach helps enrich your dog’s whole health and well-being throughout their entire life so you can enjoy a healthy, happy, and loving life together.

The heart of our whole dog care approach is our Enrichment Doggy Day Care program. We combine Central Bark’s industry-leading doggy day care expertise with the latest dog behavior science. Our mission is to give dogs a balanced blend of exercise, social group play, learning, rest, and TLC. To help your dog be a healthy, happy, calm, and well-rounded member of your family.

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What is the best way to train a dog?

After decades of experience, we know that reward-based training is the most humane and effective way to train dogs and address unwanted behaviors. With reward-based training, you can build a loving, trusting bond that enhances your relationship with your dog for a lifetime of happiness.

Positive reward-based techniques help puppies and dogs develop essential life skills and behaviors that will enrich their lives at home and day care. These methods set dogs up to succeed and reward them for performing desired behaviors. Rewards are tailored to the dog’s preferences and include food treats, time to play with a favorite toy or verbal praise. 

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How much does dog training cost?

With a variety of training solutions available, training costs depend upon what kind of training you and your dog need. 

Central Bark® offers everything you need to help you train your new puppy or older dog. Including group classes and Training Tutor sessions that can take place during day care. Our expert training and classes help you, and your dog learn and bond together. 

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