Congratulations Casper, September Dog of the Month!

Added on September 5, 2020

Casper is a 1 ½ year old Mixed Breed who has been coming to Central Bark Gurnee since July of last year. Just like the ghost, Casper is one friendly dog. He loves everyone, knows how to self-regulate and tone it down to play gently with the little ones, but he has no problem rough-housing and holding his own with the big dogs. His best Bark Buddies are Pris, Buffy, Piper and Titan. Casper especially loves the pool and water play. Casper seems to set a goal for himself every day—to have the most fun possible. He usually succeeds, evidenced by his dirty white coat at the end of the day. Clean or dirty, Casper is always friendly and happy and able to get the good times rolling. Congratulations Casper!

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