Gurnee Doggy Day Care

Gurnee Doggy Day Care

The Central Bark® at Gurnee is every dogs dream get away. The Unkennel™ is our unique take on dog care, and it is nothing like any traditional kennel or any other type of dog boarding facility. We pride ourselves on providing the best experience anywhere for our four legged guests. Many activities are planned each day ranging from supervised play time with other dogs, human interaction, and even nap times.

Our Central Bark® Doggy Day Care Certification Program, which every member of our staff is required to undergo, is specially designed to teach techniques for socialization, obedience training, canine first aid, CPR, and animal behavioral observation to ensure the safety of our guests. Also, prior to any dog being placed in any group activities a comprehensive behavioral assessment is performed. This is to ensure that every dog is placed with a group that has compatible play styles and temperament allowing everyone to feel confident and safe.

Bottom line, we play dog, speak dog and be dog at the Bark!

Day Care
(one dog)
Day Care
(two dogs from same family)
Behavior Assessment
(one-time fee on first day, nonrefundable)
10 Visit Punch Card
(one dog)
10 Visit Punch Card
(two dogs)
Late Fee/Minute $1.00
Scheduled Late Fee
(an after hours pick-up at a pre-arranged time)
Barkley Pack Member (VIP Package)

  • One FREE bath each month
  • 20% off all retail purchases through the month
  • Dog will be scheduled every day (M-F) plus Saturdays
$586.00/per dog per month
$1,084.00/2 dogs per month