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Congratulations Kili!

January 1, 2020

Meet Kili! Kili is a lovely bassador (basset hound / lab mix) that has been frolicking at The Bark since she was a puppy! When she comes through our doors her whole body wiggles from excitement. Her outlook on life is “life’s short…. eat what you can.” Below are more fun facts on this fabulous […]

Congratulations Pepper & Presto!

December 1, 2019

Meet Pepper and Presto! These two siblings from another mother (and father) have been gallivanting at The Bark every Wednesday since November 2016. Pepper is a 4 year old shepherd mix and Presto is a 5 ½ year old coon hound mix. This power duo likes to be referred to as P-Squared and their mission […]

Congratulations Gordie!

November 1, 2019

Meet Gordie! Gordie is a two-year-old australian cattle dog mix that has been romping around The Bark since he was a puppy! Although born and raised in Illinois, Gordie is a diehard Wisconsin Badgers fan and his goal in life is to someday wear the Buckeye Badger mascot costume. Below are some more fun facts […]

Congratulations Bree!

October 1, 2019

Meet Bree! Bree is a five year old Doberman that has been frolicking at The Bark since December 2015. This super girl is a survivor! When she was younger, she was diagnosed with blastomycosis and she kicked it’s butt! We are so grateful to be able to spend time with this wonderful girl. Below are […]

Congratulations Penny!

September 1, 2019

Meet Penny! Penny is a 2 ½ year old Australian shepherd mix that has been attending the Bark since May 2017. Penny is a VIP, meaning we get to spend every day with her at the Bark and she is under the impression VIP stands for Very Important Penny. Every morning she comes in and […]