Congratulations Tucker!

Added on July 1, 2020

Meet Tucker! Tucker is a four-year-old dachshund mix that has been romping around Central Bark since April 2017. Prior to playtime, Tucker likes to do some stretching in his crate with some twirls and rolls and he’s always eager to see his buds, especially Bruno, Karma and Kody. Below are some more important things you need to know about this terrific boy:

– In his past life, Tucker was a Siamese cat. He still has some feline tendencies, especially the way he rubs the top of his head lovingly on our handlers or pushes random stuff off the counters.

– Depending on his mood he likes to be referred to as T-Bone, T-Rex or T-Squared.

– During his quarantine time, Tucker has taught himself how to knit watching youtube videos. He is making earmuffs for his furry friends who are afraid of fireworks.

– Some of his items on his bucket list include learning Portuguese, visiting the Eiffel Tower and driving the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.

– On weekends he will set up a lemonade stand and sell his famous Tucker Tea. He is saving up for a pontoon boat so he can take his family out on the lake. So far, he has made $5.75.

– When he saw that his human friends were sad that all the summer concerts were cancelled, he started his own band called Da Distinguished Doxies. They are an eclectic group that play a mixture of jazz, disco and rap. They hope to play in a garage near you.

Congratulations Tucker! We look forward to celebrating you this month!