Congratulations Theodore!

Added on February 1, 2020

Meet Theodore (aka Theodorable)! This incredible two year old English Bulldog has been playing at The Bark since he was a wee lil pup. February is the perfect month to highlight this Valentine because he is such a big lover boy!

– When it’s his turn to choose the music, Theodore will usually go with power ballads (from the 80s) or Air Supply.

– Although Theodore does not have a girlfriend [at the moment], he has been busy crafting Valentines out of construction paper and glitter for his friends at The Bark. Mom is happy with his creativity, but she is getting tired of vacuuming up glitter every night.

– Theodore loves to give his friends at daycare advice on love and plays matchmaker whenever he can. One day he hopes to create his own dating app called DogSpark!

– He is known in certain circles as an “Influencer” online and loves to update his Instagram page. He currently has a little over 200 followers but in dog numbers that’s 1400. He limits his screen time to only an hour so he can dedicate the rest of his day to more important things… like taking naps!

– Theodore hopes to one day be an inspirational speaker and has been gathering motivational quotes. His favorite one is from President Theodore Roosevelt “Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” His second favorite quote is from Teddy Ruxpin “Can you and I be friends?”

– On weekends Theodore will pick up a Puppuchino from Starbucks before heading over to Family Video for a couple movies. He has rented The Princess Bride over a dozen times now because he loves a happy ending.

Congratulations Theodore! We love you!