Congratulations Teddy!

Added on August 1, 2020

Meet Teddy! Teddy is a 4 ½ year old fox hound mix who has been having a blast at Central Bark since October 2016. Teddy has many friends at daycare, but his BFF is Vegas the husky. They recently started a Youtube channel called “T&V Time” where they discuss their favorite foods and movies. Below are more fun facts on this incredible boy:

– Teddy’s nickname is “Teddy Last Word” because he always has something to say. He calls his outbursts “Ted Talks!”

– Teddy has many fans on the CB Facebook page because of all his silly poses. He’s thinking of starting his own Instragram account to give tips and tricks for the perfect pictures.

– He was in the process of opening a pub called “Woofs – Where Everyone Knows Your Name” but he put his plan on hold after the initial COVID lockdown.

– His prized possession for a long time was his Teddy Ruxpin bear until he saw the movie Child’s Play and freaked out. He sold his bear on eBay shortly thereafter.

– Having some fox hound in him, Teddy decided to take up fox trot dance lessons. He spends his Friday nights blaring big band music while practicing his steps in the garage.

– He likes to tell his daycare pals that Teddy Roosevelt was part of his ancestry tree and his favorite quote he likes to use is “Complaining about a problem without proposing a solution is called whining.”

– Teddy was a little disappointed that his classes this fall will be e-learning but he still decided to take on a full load. He’s taking Calculus and Analytic Geometry III, Insurance Coding for Medical Assistants, Massage Therapy IV: Advanced Techniques and a Trombone class.

Congratulations Teddy! We are thrilled to celebrate you as Mr. August 2020!