Congratulations Summer!

Added on February 1, 2019

After an unbearably cold winter we cannot wait until summer! And what better way to think about summer than celebrate her as February Dog of the Month! Summer is an amazing 3 ½ year old border collie mix that has been playing at the Bark since March 2016. She has many awesome and unique traits about her; for example, in lieu of kisses, Summer likes to press her snout as hard as she can against your face (those wearing glasses beware). Below are some more fun “facts” about this cutie patootie:

– Summer’s favorite season is Fall; she’s seriously considering changing her name to Autumn.

– She likes to tell her daycare pals she’s related to Donna Summer and will proceed to sing either Hot Stuff or She Works Hard for the Money. However, on karaoke night she will pull out her Olivia Newton John wig and sing Summer Nights.

– She has a very impressive IQ of 145 and plans on attending Princeton to become a scientist. Her goal is to find a cure for cancer and blastomycosis.

– Summer refers to the spot around her eye as her monocle. She once wore a top hat and cane, hoping to pass as Mr. Peanut. (It was awkward…)

– She loves Valentine’s Day! Summer will spend hours making homemade valentines for her daycare pals. Unfortunately, mom will spend just as many hours vacuuming up all the glitter Summer spills.

– Summer has a huge crush on Steve Perry of Journey. She saved her allowance for a whole year so she could purchase a pair of his old sneakers off of eBay. The authenticity has yet to be verified that they were actually Steve Perry’s.

– Her plans this summer is take a cruise to Alaska and meet some handsome sledding malamutes!

Congratulations Summer! We adore you!