Congratulations Sadie!

Added on October 1, 2020

Meet Sadie! Sadie is a lovely 6 ½ year old German Shorthair Pointer that has been prancing around Central Bark since December 2014. Sadie is an expert at playing fetch and she is especially fond of “catch me” when it is time to come in for nap time. In fact, she is so good she has football scholarship offers from CLC and Harper College. Below are some more fun facts on this phenomenal pup:

– Sadie’s favorite band is the 1980s R&B group The Pointer Sisters. She feels that if she were born in that era, she could have easily been the fourth sister.

– Sadie was planning on opening a restaurant that served German food but soon discovered she was not a huge fan of that type of cuisine. She decided to go with a Taco Truck instead.

– Although not a fan of German food, Sadie is still planning on hosting a huge Octoberfest bash. She has been practicing her yodeling all year and is eagerly waiting for the 12 cases of soft pretzels she ordered.

– She is a huge Keanu Reeves fan, her favorite movie being Point Break (a close second was the first Bill & Ted movie).

– For Halloween, Sadie plans on dressing up as Rapunzel so she can have long hair for one day!

– She has an appointment with the chiropractor next week after hurting her neck from pointing out all the stink bugs that got in the house.

– During her time in quarantine Sadie learned how to play the Cello. She can now play all six John Sebastian Bach suites with her eyes closed.

Congratulations Sadie! We look forward to celebrating you this October!