Congratulations Pepper!

Added on April 1, 2020

Meet Pepper! Pepper is a beautiful 2 ½ year old German Shepherd that has been frolicking at Central Bark since April 2016. She is normally one of our first arrivals of the day and she always comes in with a pep in her step, ready to play! Below is some fascinating insights on this amazing girl:

– Pepper likes to tell her friends she was named after the spice because it has many benefits: including being high in antioxidants (which can help with depression) and lowering cholesterol levels. She claims she can do the same with her charming personality.

– Pepper started a Beatles Tribute band, which she calls “Sgt. Peppers Happy Puppy Club.” During her free time, she sews colorful and whimsical outfits for the band.

– When she saw her neighbors taping hearts and other messages of hope to their windows, Pepper joined in. At first, she just taped big black dots on all the windows (to symbolize Pepper). Soon after, mom convinced her to add some yellow petals and make them all sunflowers.

– When she’s not playing with her pals at daycare, Pepper likes to play Pinochle, Parcheesi or Pac Man.

– Her dream is to attend Le Cordon Blue cooking school in Paris and open her own fusion bakery, called Pepper’s Pastries and Pierogi.

– Her favorite show is LIVE PD. She’s always hoping for a glimpse of the handsome K9 shepherds.

Congratulations Pepper! You’re just the right amount of dash in our day!