Congratulations Pepper & Presto!

Added on December 1, 2019

Meet Pepper and Presto! These two siblings from another mother (and father) have been gallivanting at The Bark every Wednesday since November 2016. Pepper is a 4 year old shepherd mix and Presto is a 5 ½ year old coon hound mix. This power duo likes to be referred to as P-Squared and their mission is to bring fun and joy to everyone they meet. Pepper and Presto believe all the best things start with the letter P (as you will from their DOM Interview).

– They love playing ping pong and pinnacle on rainy weekends.

-Their favorite animals are penguins and panda bears.

– They love snacking on pizza and pancakes.

– They enjoy making crafts using pasta and popsicle sticks.

– Their favorite books are Peter Pan and Pride & Prejudice.

– When they grow up Pepper wants to be a personal assistant to Priscilla Presley and Presto wants to be a pirate.

– For Christmas this year Pepper asked for a Porsche and Presto asked for a pontoon boat. When their parents told them that would be a little overbudget they settled for a popcorn maker and some peanut brittle.

Congratulations P-Squared! We are thrilled to celebrate you two this month!