Congratulations Penny!

Added on September 1, 2019

Meet Penny! Penny is a 2 ½ year old Australian shepherd mix that has been attending the Bark since May 2017. Penny is a VIP, meaning we get to spend every day with her at the Bark and she is under the impression VIP stands for Very Important Penny. Every morning she comes in and jumps up on either the door or gate for a quick stretch before heading out to see her pals. Penny also has great facial expressions and we swear she understands everything we are saying. Below are some more interesting tidbits on this fabulous girl:

– Penny wants to go to one of those places that do colonial reenactments. She thinks she would be good at churning butter and she likes the bonnets they wear.

– Penny once saw a kissing booth at a fair. Ever since, she’s been practicing her technique on her pals at the Bark. When she’s decided she’s had enough practice, she plans to open a booth of her own to raise money for homeless pets. She figures by the end of the first year she will clear $1.5 million.

– Penny will always start with the last chapter of a book and then go back to chapter one. She’s not a fan of surprises and wants to be mentally prepared.

– She is currently writing a series of short stories about her adventures at daycare and has already written 800 pages. She is considering calling it “Penny Candy: The Sweet Life.”

– For Halloween she is insistent on dressing up as Pennywise, the evil clown from IT. Mom is doing her best to try and get her to be something less scary, like a princess or a bumblebee.

– She’s glad the 80s are coming back in style so she can pull out some of her penny loafers and parachute pants.

– Penny’s favorite meal of the week is Friday Fish Fry at Bobby’s Barrel Inn in Volo. If she had it her way, the other meals of the week would be Taco Bell but her parents want her to have a well-balanced diet.

Congratulations Penny! Enjoy your month to shine!