Congratulations Ozzie!

Added on March 1, 2020

Meet Ozzie! Ozzie is a fourteen year old dachshund that has been hanging out at the Bark since July 2016. Although small in stature, Ozzie has a big personality and a zest for life. Below are some fun facts on this “dashing doxie:”

– Ozzie’s dad is a retired veteran, so Ozzie likes to put together care packages for the troops overseas. He always winds up short one or two because he gets hungry while packaging them and ends up eating some of the snacks!

– Ozzie loves the oldies! His favorites include Patsy Cline, the Everly Brothers and Neil Sedaka. He has an impressive record collection (currently at 517 records).

– He loves to get cuddles from all his female handlers and fancies himself a lady’s man (he is!).

– Ozzie is the elder statesman of The Bark and loves to tell stories that begin with “back in my day” or “when I was your age…”

– On weekends, Ozzie likes to watch old reruns of Mash and Hogan’s Heroes. His favorite present-day shows are Jeopardy and Judge Judy.

– Sunday mornings you will find Ozzie at the kitchen table working on a crossword puzzle (or word jumbles). He insists it helps keep his brain sharp.

– Ozzie’s number one bucket list item is to travel to the Swiss Alps. He intends to run up and down the hills where Julie Andrews sang in the Sound of Music.

Congratulations Ozzie! We love spending Fridays with you!