Congratulations Mina!

Added on July 1, 2019

Meet Mina!

Mina is a 4 ½ year old lovely corgi that has been playing at The Bark since March 2016. Mina is a kind and compassionate corgi, always ready to welcome new puppies and doggies on their first day. Also, she has been working hard all year knitting earmuffs for all her fellow canines who don’t like the sounds of fireworks. Below are some other fascinating “mina-isms:”

– Mina can perform all the dance moves from the Thriller video but her favorite song to dance to is ‘Wiggle It, Just a Little Bit”

– She is in the early stages of opening a Tapas Bar called “Mina’s Cantina.” She’s currently accepting applications for wait staff and cooks.

– Mina likes to collect antique soda bottles, scrunchies and Danielle Steele novels. She recently had to replenish her collection when her mom accidentally donated her stuff to Good Will.

– Her guilty pleasure is binge watching Lifetime “based on true story” movies, especially ones with Tori Spelling.

– Mina has a gardening blog that she uses to rate various tools and fertilizers. She also teaches composting techniques on youtube.

– She loves to shop form the LTD commodities catalogue; so much that mom had to take away her credit card.

– For a brief time she tried to be a rap star, referring to herself as “Miz Da Mena” but realized acoustic folk songs were more her style.

Congratulations Mina! You are one amazing girl and we are happy to celebrate you!