Congratulations Mason & Ray!

Added on August 1, 2019

Meet Mason and Ray! Ray is a yellow 2 ½ lab and Mason is a four-year-old chocolate lab. These two brothers from another mother have been having a blast at the Bark for over 2 years. They both come bounding through the doors ready for action in anticipation of another great day at The Bark. Below are some more fun facts on this incredible duo:

– Ray and Mason are opening a self-serve dog walking school in their mom’s basement. They insist on calling it Starbucks Dog Walking, which they feel will create a lot of drive-by business for them.

– The brothers created their own blog called “Labilicious Lunches” devoted to their favorite fast foods. They agree that KFC has the best chicken all around but can’t agree on best burgers; the blog hasn’t been updated in two months.

– Ray dreams of becoming a professional mover and already practices his talents by carrying around the empty water jugs for the handlers. Mason dreams of retiring to Florida to fish for gators.

– They like to spend every other weekend performing [mostly Everly Brothers songs] at the local senior center. The final two songs of every performance include Ray singing “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” by the Hollies and Mason singing “You’ve Got a Friend in Me”.

– On the days that they come to daycare together, they want to be referred to as the “Raysons.” However, they do not want to be confused with those “nasty wrinkled up wanna be grapes” (their words, not ours).

– Always wanting to further their education, the boys are eager to start the fall semester at CLC. Ray is taking Finite Mathematics I, Introduction to Horticulture and Mythology & Fairy Tales. Mason is just taking two courses, Intermediate French II and Principles of Acting. Mom is concerned because he never took French I, but Mason assures her he knows enough from watching YouTube videos.

Congratulations Boys! Be sure you take turns wearing the August crown this month!