Congratulations Kili!

Added on January 1, 2020

Meet Kili! Kili is a lovely bassador (basset hound / lab mix) that has been frolicking at The Bark since she was a puppy! When she comes through our doors her whole body wiggles from excitement. Her outlook on life is “life’s short…. eat what you can.” Below are more fun facts on this fabulous girl:

– Because she comes multiple days a week, Kili likes to consider herself the Central Bark social-director; she is working on a list of fun games for her and her friends to play. So far she has eating Cheetos, chasing butterflies and duck duck goose.

– Kili’s favorite song is “Juice” by Lizzo and her least favorite song is “Legs” by ZZ Top. If “Legs” does come on the radio she will [demand] howl at the top of her lungs until it is turned off.

– Ironically, her favorite sport is basketball and she brags that she can dunk a basketball with her eyes closed. Also, that her teacher was Michael Jordan.

– When people ask her what her breed is, she says she is an ambassador.

– Her favorite television show is Law & Order SVU. She has been binge watching all 20 seasons for the past four months. Kili had a major crush on Detective Elliot Stabler and was furious when he left the show. She has been emailing NBC on a weekly basis in hopes that they will have him return in a future episode. She has yet to hear back.

– When she isn’t watching TV, Kili likes to crochet mini sweaters and hats for guinea pigs and bunnies. She plans on putting them on Etsy this spring. Her long term business plan includes a local store which she plans to name “Kili’s Kreations.”

– Kili has been having a hard time deciding what she wants to be when she grows up. She narrowed down to either a police officer or a t-rex dinosaur.

Congratulations Kili! We are excited to start the new year celebrating you!