Congratulations Jake!

Added on June 1, 2020

Meet Jake! Jake is a ten year old golden doodle that has been enjoying his time at Central Bark since June 2016. Jake has been around before the ‘doodles’ became popular and he will often mentor the younger doodles, so they grow up to be as wonderful as he is. Below are some more fun tidbits about this amazing boy:

– Jake loves soccer and he always takes the opportunity to practice his moves with a jolly ball at daycare.

– His favorite movie is Sixteen Candles with Molly Ringwald. He likes to tell his friends he was named after the character Jake, because he is also charming, handsome, and sensitive.

– During his quarantine time, he is catching up on his reading, especially historical biographies. He likes to share all he has learned with mom during dinner.

– Jake is a big fan of classic rock, especially Bob Seger and Rush. He will blast his cassette tapes in the garage and bang on the garbage cans until his mom tells him to be quiet.

– His trip to Tahita fell through, so Jake plans on spending his summer on a blow-up raft on Grays Lake, drinking lemonade, eating popsicles and watching birds.

– He has tried to make face masks for nurses and first responders but by the time he’s done, they are covered in dog hair. He then tried to give them to his daycare pals but all they wanted to do was play tug of war; so now he uses them to pick up his poop.

– His goal next year is to work for State Farm. He has already purchased ten pairs of khakis. His first order of business would be to change the slogan to, “Like a Good Doodle, State Farm is there.”

Congratulations Jake! Enjoy your time to shine as Mr. June!