Congratulations Gordie!

Added on November 1, 2019

Meet Gordie! Gordie is a two-year-old australian cattle dog mix that has been romping around The Bark since he was a puppy! Although born and raised in Illinois, Gordie is a diehard Wisconsin Badgers fan and his goal in life is to someday wear the Buckeye Badger mascot costume. Below are some more fun facts about Gordie:

– Gordie is in the beginning stages of opening a food truck called Gordie’s Gorditas. However, he has yet to obtain a driver’s license, so the truck is currently sitting in his parents driveway.

– Since he comes from two lineages, he will change his morning greeting depending on the day. If he’s feeling Australian, he will greet everyone with a “G’Day Mate! Ready for some brekkie?” and when he’s feeling more Cattle, he will say “Good mooooooooooooooooorning!”

– Gordie has a huge crush on Libby, the lovely Blue Heeler. He has been practicing Air Supply songs on his recorder for the past few months in anticipation for Valentine’s Day 2021.

– He has been trying to save up for a road trip up to Madison. Unfortunately, he keeps spending his money on Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and sunglasses.

– When he needs inspiration for his gordita business, he likes to binge watch Gordon Ramsey. His mom had to block those shows when he started calling everyone a “stupid donkey.”

– After discovering there’s a Gordy’s Lakefront Marine in Fox Lake, he has been bugging his parents to buy him a boat. His plan is to wear his lucky yellow raincoat and catch fish sticks.

– During the fall season, if you are looking for Gordie on a Saturday, more than likely you will see him wearing his red and white overalls watching college football! Go Badgers!

Congratulations Gordie! We are thankful for you!