Congratulations Frankie!

Added on June 1, 2019

Meet Frankie! Frankie is a 2 ½ year old labradoodle who has been spending most of his days at The Bark for the past two years. Better known as “Officer Franklin,” Frankie likes to make sure everyone is playing nice and he takes noise complaints and disturbing the peace very seriously. Below are some more fun facts from Frankie’s resume:

– His favorite movies are all the Police Academy flicks and he will spend hours trying to impersonate Sargent Jones’ unique sound effects; however, they all just come out as woofs and grrrrrs.

– Frankie has always wanted a brother named Beans.

– His parents are huge fans of Grease and their favorite song is “Can’t Take My Eyes off of You” so he started a tribute band called Frankie Manni and the Four Paws. He posted an audition sign-up sheet at the Bark last week.

– Frankie tries to impress his friends by telling them he is a descendant of Frankenstein. However, he’s too cute and well behaved for anyone to believe that.

– Whenever Frankie’s dad wears his favorite “Relax” t shirt, Frankie has a yearning to go to Hollywood.

– He plans on purchasing a food truck and naming it Frankie’s Fries; his signature dish will be curly fries covered in cheese, bacon and crushed up kibble. He was disappointed when he realized the Lake County Food Truck Frenzy already happened this year.

– He knows his dad is a huge Bears fan so he purposely decorated his bedroom in dark green and gold…just because.

Congratulations Frankie! Enjoy your month to shine!