Congratulations Buddy!

Added on December 1, 2018

Meet Buddy Jolley! Buddy is an eight-year-old springer mix who has been springing around the Bark since September 2014. December is Buddy’s favorite month and he is a HUGE fan of the holidays. He enjoys singing to his friend’s his personalized rendition of “Have a Buddy Jolley Christmas!” Below are some more magical insights on this wonderful boy
– Buddy once heard Santa described as “jolly” and since then he’s been telling everyone he and Santa are related.

– Buddy’s favorite Christmas movie is Elf with Will Farrell. He likes to dress up as Will Farrell’s character, Buddy the Elf!

– When he’s not preparing for the holidays, Buddy enjoys cross-stitching, playing chess in the park and ballroom dancing.

– Buddy has been negotiating with Sirius radio to have a channel that plays holiday music year-round. He’s also a huge fan of Motown and a variety of elevator music.

– He has won numerous awards in badminton, but Buddy prefers to call it “goodminton” since he enjoys it so much!

– Buddy does an amazing impersonation of Anthony Hopkins. So much so that he was once mistaken for him while out to dinner with his mom.

– On a dare from his daycare chums he was able to fit 14 Kong toys into his mouth. A record that remains unbeaten to this day.

Congratulations Buddy! What a wonderful honor it is to crown you Mr. December 2018!