Congratulations Bree!

Added on October 1, 2019

Meet Bree! Bree is a five year old Doberman that has been frolicking at The Bark since December 2015. This super girl is a survivor! When she was younger, she was diagnosed with blastomycosis and she kicked it’s butt! We are so grateful to be able to spend time with this wonderful girl. Below are some highlights we copied from Bree’s memoirs (she is on Chapter 89 and not even halfway finished).

– Bree’s theme song is Survivor by Destiny’s Child. She always cranks up the music whenever it shows up on her playlist (it’s the only song on her playlist).

– Since she is a blasto survivor, Bree has been invited to speak at local dog events about the dangers of sniffing moist soil. She is hoping to get invited somewhere in Europe for a speaking engagement.

– She plans on starting a modeling career and is confident CoverGirl will sign her up since her name is part of their slogan… Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, CoverGirl.

– To showcase her elegant side, she likes to take her friends on picnics and serve brie cheese and fancy crackers.

– Many of the boys are gaga over Bree, but her heart will always belong to Boone, the chocolate lab. She loves to doodle “B & B Forever” but Mom wasn’t too happy the time she doodled on her bedroom wall with lipstick.

– She is currently working on a comedy series called “Bree’s Company.” She plans on playing Chrissy but still needs to cast the roles of Jack, Janet, Larry and Mr. Furley.

– For Halloween she plans on dressing up as Wonder Woman! However, Bree thinks one day is not enough time to showcase her costume, so she plans on wearing it for the entire month of October.

Congratulations Bree! You are a fighter!