Congratulations Bailey!

Added on September 1, 2020

Meet Bailey! She is a lovely 7-year old cattle dog mix that has been mixing it up at Central Bark since March 2018! Bailey’s last name is Good, so she is known as “Bailey Good Girl.” When she first started coming to day care, she was shy but now she’s always up for giving kisses and has no problem requesting belly rubs! Below are some more fun things to know about this wonderful girl:

– At Central Bark, Bailey loves to sing “Good Vibrations” off the famous Pet Sounds Album by the Beach Boys and is still looking for 2 -3 other pups to help her with the harmonies.

– Her birthday is this month and she’s hoping to get a sapphire collar and matching leash (her birthstone). Fortunately for mom, she’ll be just as happy with a sock monkey.

– Bailey loves to donate all her old clothes to Good Will. There has been more than one occasion where she purchased a sweater that she forgot she donated the year earlier.

– She likes to tell everyone that the song Johnny B Goode was written about her great-great-great-great grandfather, but no one believes her because the spelling is different.

– Her mom always calls her a sweet potato, so Bailey plans to open her own restaurant, where every dish will have sweet potatoes as the main ingredient. She hopes to open in Spring 2021.

– Bailey enjoys cosplay and has won awards for her costume of Glinda, the Good Witch of the North from Wizard of Oz.

– After watching the movie Goodfellas, Bailey decided she no longer wants to be a gangster. She’s planning on selling all her Robert De Niro posters on eBay.

Congratulations Bailey! You are SUCH a GOOD GIRL!