October Dog of the Month

Added on October 1, 2020

Now arriving on the red carpet…Nico! Nico is our October Dog of the Month! As far as spooky goes, Nico is probably the least scary guy we know. He’s a gentle giant and a ball of fuzz. Nico has two “big” brothers. Rocco, a tiny Chihuahua, and Benny, a tiny Pomeranian. Outweighing his big brothers by 90+ pounds, the littles have set Nico straight on who is the boss. He’s always easy going and gentle. He’s quick to come to the defense of the underdog and loves to snuggle. He enjoys basking in the sun and rolling in the snow. Nico is always ready for a good time! Congrats to you big guy, you’ve earned your time in the spotlight!

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