March Dog of the Month

Added on March 1, 2020

Congratulations Mulligan! You are our March Dog of the Month! Mulligan celebrated his birthday at the end of February, and we think this pic is our favorite. Also, obviously, hes our main man for St. Patrick’s Day! Mulligan has a really fun ritual when he arrives. He walks in very slowly, then tiptoes towards the door, then puts on a huge burst of speed and runs around like a crazy man while barking and celebrating his arrival. It cracks us up! Mulli gets very disappointed if he is early and none of his friends are in house to join his celebration. In playgroup we have the “Doodle Posse” which Mulligan heads up. Its a group of only doodles that play together. Sometimes they are very selective. How funny is that? Mulligan, we know Mom Michelle, and dad, Tom, are so excited for you to be Dog of the Month. Lets have a “Mulli-bration” and enjoy your celebrity status!

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