July Dog of the Month!

Added on July 1, 2019

Congratulations Bella! Little Bella is our July Dog of the Month! Sometimes it’s hard to get a picture of Bella, shes always running! Her favorite thing in the world is a game a chase with her friends. She is always ahead of the group and no one can catch her until she decides to be caught! Shes so silly! Bellas other favorite past times are digging, chasing balls, and singing. When Steve, her dad, drops her off in the morning, she sings her heart out to let everyone know she is here. We love it. Her tiny howl is adorable. She often gets the whole crate room to accompany her singing voice. Of course, they only get to sing the background notes. Bella is our star, and our little firecracker! Sing loud and proud Bella S!

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