Why a Pet-Related Business?

Americans really love their pets. According to a national survey, 63 percent of pet owners say “I love you” at least once a day to their pets and 83 percent refer to themselves as their pet’s mom and dad. All of this is fueled by a couple of very specific trends that do not seem to be changing – increased pet ownership and the trend of pet humanization.

Plus, check out these numbers!

$72.13B Industry

Americans spent an estimated $43.2 billion on their pets in 2008, $66.76 billion in 2016, $69.5 billion in 2017, with a forecast of $72.13 billion in 2018.

Family Members

Wall Street analysts state that even during economic hard times when people are cutting back on discretionary spending, are still spending on and pampering our four-legged family members. Many of our stores are owned by female dog lovers.

7.8% Growth

Forecasts indicate that the growth will continue at least 4% annually, while non-vet related pet services are expected to hit $7.53 billion in sales this year up 6% from 2013, and are expected to continue to grow as much as 7.8% annually.

14,611 Pet Businesses

Specialty pet services have been the fastest-growing segment in the pet industry. The number of pet-related businesses is expected to increase from 13,470 today to 14,611 by 2018.

Success Story

“They provide guidance, support and new innovative ideas to help grow our business.”

– Kevin & Laura
Central Bark Grayslake, IL Franchise Owners

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