Why buy a Central Bark franchise?

Though the reasons to be part of our franchise family are numerous and diverse as your talents, skills and ideas, one seems to resonate more than the rest. The pet care sector is experiencing unprecedented growth with forecasts for even greater momentum (see our Why A Pet-Related Business section Our commitment to give our franchise owners the system, tools and support they need is second to none.

By joining forces with Central Bark®  you will have advantages not available to anyone else in the industry. Just to name a few:

  1. The proprietary Central Bark®  Operations Manual – This incredible document is the result of years of doing business. It is a complete and comprehensive guide to the “how to’s” of running this business and including all policies and procedures, paperwork, documentation, releases and forms used in our business.
  2. Standards and operations criteria unparalleled in the industry.
  3. Two weeks on-site training and support for you and another person at one of the current state-of-the-art Central Bark® locations.
  4. One week of training and support at your site with our Doggy Day Care experts.
  5. Continuous access to all of our professionally designed creative and marketing material, including Web site, newsletter, advertising layouts, etc.
  6. The advantage of a powerful brand name and established reputation.
  7. Automatic participation in our Web site and newsletter.
  8. Use of our unique Barkware software – This incredibly robust software package has been developed specifically for the Central Bark® business model. It provides you with a paperless system for managing your day care program with updates and enhancements provided on an ongoing basis.
  9. The commitment and dedication of our tireless staff to help you reach your goals.
  10. The availability to other Central Bark® business managers in a network that offers you continuous support and access to other Doggy Day Care people.
  11. The advantages of being part of a strategically and expanding network of Doggy Day Care owners.
  12. Access to experience and knowledge that will take the guesswork out of running your own business.
  13. Access to two nationally-known and recognized small business entrepreneurs and experts in the Doggy Day Care business.