Gucci and Griffin

When I moved back to Fort Lauderdale 8 years ago, I put my 5 year young dog, Gucci, into the Central Bark program starting just once a week. Even though he was not accustomed to playing with a bunch of dogs, he loved going to Central Bark. He loved the people and the lizards. He was so happy there, and would whine in excitement as soon as we would turn down the street. Even though Central Bark was closed for a couple of months during the pandemic, he returned as soon as they reopened. Gucci attended Central Bark up until he passed in July of 2020. I loved the staff for loving him on a regular basis. 

After Gucci passed, it only took a month before my husband and I adopted our newest addition Griffin. Even though we got Griffin at 10 weeks, I knew as soon as he was old enough that we would be bringing him to Central Bark. Griffin is quite a different dog from Gucci, but he loves Central Bark just as much. Griffin is a lot more excited about playing with different dogs, but he is also a big fan of the staff. Griffin has learned so much from the one-on-one sessions to the consistency of the staff with reinforcing Griffin’s training, a day at Central Bark is enjoyable for Griffin and comforting for me. 

Thank you Central Bark staff for taking care of my babies across the years! 


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