Check The Chip Day

August 15th is Check the Chip Day.  This day is dedicated to the importance of microchips, which greatly increase the chance of lost or stolen pets being reunited with their families.
The one caveat is that microchips only work when the registration information is 100% accurate.  To serve as a reminder to pet owners, the AVMA and the American Animal Hospital Association joined forces to create “Check the Chip Day.”  The purpose of this particular day is to encourage dog owners whose animals don’t have chips to get microchipped, and encourage current chipped dog owners to make sure all of their info is up to date and accurate.
To update a pet’s registration, animal owners will need to make sure they have the microchip number accessible.  In the event an account hasn’t already been created, this will need to be done first.  There are many different databases that allow you to register your animal’s microchip, but the most important database will be the one maintained by the microchip’s manufacturer.  AAHA’s Universal Pet Microchip Lookup Tool is actually linked to the registries of most of the microchip manufacturers, allowing for a quick search.
If you have any questions about microchips, their importance or how to register one, contact your local veterinarian, local shelter or your local doggy experts at the closest Central Bark Doggy Day Care.