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Central Bark Fort Lauderdale Teaches Children How To Properly Interact With Dogs During Bite Prevention Month

IMG_1044Chris Gaba from Central Bark Fort Lauderdale accompanied by Joanne and Hope from Canine Assisted Therapy kicked off National Bite Prevention at Happy Land School to over 100 young students and teachers! The kids learned to “ask permission” when meeting a dog they don’t know, plus many other ways to be safe around dogs. There are over 4.5 million reported dog bites in this country annually. Over 1/2 of those bites involve children. We at Central Bark are committed to making a difference. With 25 location across the country, Central Bark stores annually visit schools and daycare centers where they can teach children about bite prevention, keeping both children and IMG_1045 dogs safe.

If you have any interest in becoming a volunteer on our team, it is a great contribution to your community and our mascot Barkley is always on hand to make it fun and keep the children’s attention. If you are a teacher or educator, we’d love to visit your shcool Check out our store locations on our website: and click on the “Fetch A Location” menu to find the location  nearest you.