The new Central Bark Doggy Day Care™ in Falls Township, PA is where dogs love to be! Unlike traditional dog kennels and other types of dog boarding facilities, our Unkennel™ is all about giving your pup the absolute best experience possible. We specialize in giving your dog all the care they need to keep them active, happy, and healthy, from interaction and play time, to nap time and good old TLC. Doggy Day Care is our specialty and we do it better than anyone.

Bottom line, we play dog, speak dog and be dog at The Bark!

Day Care
(one dog)
Day Care
(two dogs from same family)
(15% discount on second dog)
Behavior Assessment
(one-time fee on first day, nonrefundable)
10 Visit Punch Card
(one dog)
10 Visit Punch Card
(two dogs)
Late Fee/Minute $1
Weekend Pickup  $10
Barkley Pack Member (VIP Package)

  • One FREE bath each month
  • 20% off all retail purchases through the month
  • Dog will be scheduled every day (M-F) plus Saturdays
$587 per dog per month
$1,118 2 dogs per month