Funny Pooches

Happiest Great Dane Takes A Shower

July 11, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

Sometimes you just need to get that morning shower in!

This Dog Does Not Want To Share

June 7, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

Mervin, a Chihuahua without teeth, LOVES his daddy.  So much that he doesn’t want to share!  Their love affair started as a temporary situation, but ended up permanent.  He’s also special for more reasons than his cranky temperament and floppy tongue. Check out Mervin’s story below!

Friendliest Dog Has Friends Of All Types

June 3, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

This is one pup that doesn’t discriminate!  From rabbits to ducklings, Loulou seems to adore all of the animals she lives with on the nature reserve she shares with her owners. Check out the vid below!

Max Rocks His Baby Brother To sleep

April 12, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

Max may still be just a baby himself, but that doesn’t stop him from stepping up the plate and rocking his little brother to sleep!

Dogs Trying To Eat Things Through Glass

March 24, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

Just casually trying to eat a slug through the glass.  No big deal!