Seventh Annual National Train Your Dog Month

January 8, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

In honor of the seventh annual National Train Your Dog Month, the APDT will be focusing on everyday manners and behaviors that can easily be found at a Central Bark Doggy Day Care training class.

Obedience in dogs is extremely important because it not only teaches acceptable behavior, but it encourages safety. Consider what would happen if your dog ran out the front door every time it opened, or if your dog jumped on every visitor that walked through it. These things are recipes for disaster.

It’s important that you as the dog owner understands the importance of training your dog, but it is also extremely important that any children in the home understand it as well. This way, as long as everyone is on board with the training, a sense of consistency can be met.

Remember, all dogs are not alike! One major and obvious difference can be found in size. A small dog and a large dog need different sets of boundaries and possibly different training methodologies. Another obvious difference is breed. Certain breeds are known to be more stubborn than others, while certain breeds are known to learn quickly. This is why it is important to understand the type of dog you’re adopting into your family so you know what kind of training needs to be accomplished.
For more training information or to sign up for a local training class, click here!

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