3 Common, Preventable Health Problems

October 7, 2017 :: Posted by meagan

Staying on top of your pet’s health can be hard to remember.  Just as humans are due for check-ups, so are dogs.  When it comes to dogs, there are three very common but preventable problems most vets come across.

Obesity can reduce the lifespan of your pet by upwards of 15%, and it is considered a medical issue.  Dog obesity is more common than most people think.  Consider how much time your dog actually spends outside and active while you’re gone for the day at work.  This one is obviously, very easy to prevent.  A healthy and well balanced diet, coupled with regular exercise and socialization, will prevent your dog from gaining too much weight. If you don’t have time, there are ways to keep Fido fit without having to rearrange your entire life.  Doggy day care is a great alternative to leaving your dog at home while you work.

Another common, yet preventable, health issue seen often in dogs is dental disease.  Be on the lookout for red gums and bad breath.  A simple teeth cleaning is a couple hundred dollars, but more intense procedures cost much more.

Finally, a third common problem that plagues dogs is parasites.  These little annoyances can last for a while and be difficult to get rid of.  Parasites, like heartworm or fleas, are also easily transferable.  What starts as a simple and isolated problem could spiral out of control quickly.  Giving your dog some kind of parasite prevention chewable is a great way to prevent parasites from latching on.


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