Pamper Your Pet Weekly

September 1, 2016 :: Posted by meagan

Our dogs do so much for us, now it’s time to give back a little.

Mondays at the Bark are designated Prince and Princess day – a day designed for small dogs. It’s a premium service, with a half day of in door play time with a dedicated pack leader followed by lunch (bring your own or purchase a meal/yogurt at check in), a nap, and then spa time.

Each dog receives a bath and a brush out, accompanied with other services like nail trims, nail painting, tooth brushing, and anal expression.

Each dog leaves the building with a report card, a bandana, and a smile!

**The service is for dogs 25 pounds and under and costs $40. 

A behavior assessment is required for new dogs.

No hair cutting is done during the spa time.

Cab service is available.

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