Doggy Tips

Easter Fun For Your Dog

April 18, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

While your pup can’t have chocolate or candy, there is still a way for them to partake in the festivities of Easter—an Easter Egg Hunt!  To turn this fun classic into a dog’s dream game, we’re going to let them search for food hidden in places that are easy for our dogs to find.  Once read more

Three Tips for Living In A Multi-Pet Home!

April 18, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

This month we celebrated National Pet Day on April 11. Here are three tips for living in a multi-pet home: Safety during meal time. To keep all animals safe during their meals, individuals should be fed in separate spaces.  Even members of the same species appreciate having room to relax while eating their food and read more

Socialization Do’s and Don’ts

April 8, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

In our last blog post we shared a couple of our favorite enrichment ideas you and your puppy can enjoy daily. Now we are going to shift our focus to one of the most important aspects of puppy development—socialization. Socialization, as defined by the AVMA, is “preparing a dog or cat to enjoy interactions and read more

Poison Prevention

March 18, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

The month of March is Poison Prevention Month, in honor of that, we’d like to share 5 tips for keeping your dog safe! Keep all food items out of your dog’s reach. There are many foods that are dangerous for your dog. You can find a list of them here. To be safe, you should read more

Puppy Day

March 18, 2019 :: Posted by Tommy Terrier

To celebrate National Puppy Day here is an easy game you can play with your dog of any age at home! Food Search To play this game you will need: One large, shallow cardboard box or plastic storage container. Several of your dog’s toys. One handful of your dog’s kibble or favorite treats. Instructions Fill read more