Scooby Doo Is America’s Favorite

June 17, 2018 :: Posted by meagan

Scooby Doo has been named America’s favorite ever on-screen pet, according to new research.

The results were unearthed in a study of 2,000 Americans which explored our deep love of pets and saw America’s love of dogs dominate the Top 30 onscreen pets of all time.

The research showed that our love of animals is greatly encouraged by on-screen appearances, with over half (53 percent) having fallen in love with their first on-screen pet between the ages of five and 10.

And nearly half (49 percent) think that their love for a TV or movie pet has influenced the pets that they have now.

In fact, Americans are so pet-obsessed that a whopping 38 percent have gone so far as to name their pet after an on-screen animal.

“It’s no secret that Americans love their dogs. Whether this affection has been ingrained in us from childhood movies, or is a direct result of their unwavering loyalty; our dogs are as important to us as our family members,” said Terry Anderton, CEO at Wagz Inc., a connected pet lifestyle company that has built a revolutionary system of smart pet products for busy dog owners.

In fact, pet owners love their pets so much that 94 percent view their dog as part of the family.

Top 30 Favorite On-Screen Pets

Scooby Doo (“Scooby Doo”) 57.20 percent
Snoopy (“Snoopy”) 51.90 percent
Lassie (“Lassie”) 41 percent
Toto (“The Wizard of Oz”) 31.85 percent
Garfield (“Garfield and friends”) 31.45 percent
Beethoven (“Beethoven”) 30.30 percent
Tom (“Tom and Jerry”) 28.70 percent
Old Yeller (“Old Yeller”) 28.65 percent
Lady (“Lady and the Tramp”) 27.25 percent
Marley (“Marley and Me”) 26.95 percent
Clifford the Big Red Dog (“Clifford”) 25.55 percent
Dino (“The Flintstones”) 24.75 percent
Mister Ed (“Mister Ed”) 24.20 percent
Scrappy (“Scooby-Doo”) 23.70 percent
George (“Curious George”) 23.20 percent
Wilbur (“Charlotte’s Web”) 23 percent
Black Beauty (“Black Beauty”) 22.90 percent
Babe (“Babe”) 22.65 percent
Astro (“The Jetsons”) 22 percent
Hooch (“Turner and Hooch”) 20.45 percent
Stuart Little (“Stuart Little”) 19.85 percent
Marmaduke (“Marmaduke”) 19.70 percent
Sebastian (“The Little Mermaid”) 18.35 percent
Buddy (“Air Bud”) 17.80 percent
Black Stallion (“The Black Stallion”) 15.55 percent
Pongo (“101 Dalmatians”) 15.20 percent
Jack Sparrow the Monkey (“Pirates of the Caribbean”) 15.05 percent
Salem (“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”) 14.50 percent
Eddie (“Frasier”) 14.40 percent
Brian (“Family Guy”) 14.10 percent

SOURCE: New York Post

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